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About Us

AMMEX is one of the leading names in the field of Property Management in Estepona, Manilva,
Casares, Marbella and Benahavis. With our long experience, knowledge and tenacity, we have been
able to create a unique company, which combines two virtues: high technological organisation and the human warmth of personal attention.
AMMEX has an internal structure perfectly prepared to offer the solutions that customers are waiting
for. To make this a reality, every requirement, detail or circumstance always receives the best
treatment. We offer services in Manilva, Estepona, Casares, Sotogrande, Marbella and Benahavis.

Our Team

Professional, Multidisciplinary and Bilingual Team

AMMEX is characterised by the unity of its team, who through their union pursue the same goal, which is to offer the best service.

Our main objective is to provide a comprehensive and personalised service, which solves the wide
range of problems faced by Communities of Owners, transforming the passive administration based
on six fundamental pillars

By preventive actions such as periodic inspections that make small repairs possible before reaching significant deterioration, statistical control of energy consumption…, we will undoubtedly achieve
savings in your community.

By systematically observing the current state of the installations and the structural and common elements of your building, we can determine their degree of deterioration and thus anticipate
interventions and costs.

By avoiding the degradation of the common elements such as the entrance, lifts, roof, façade, staircase, gardens, swimming pools, spa…, we will have a property in perfect condition and therefore
IT will constantly increase in value.

Always looking for the best quality/price ratio for the Community, shortening the response times to the breakdown warnings that may arise in the revisions made to the Community by our supervisor or those that may be reported by any neighbour of the Community.

By avoiding the deterioration of the common elements, the suggestions, complaints and criticisms of
the neighbours will always be well received, because from them many improvements will arise from
which not only your Community will benefit, but also many others. Moreover, the neighbours will
always have at their disposal the accounts, invoices, insurance policy and contracts.

Integrating the latest management techniques, especially thanks to the management of claims via e-mail, VIRTUAL OFFICE for our customers through the website. We also have a 24 hour service for emergencies.

Learn More About Our Professional Team

Our Team

Marjoleine Miranda

Lawyer and property administrator
Administrator member of the Iltre. Colegio de Administradores de Fincas de Málaga and lawyer, responsible for the coordination of the office and legal services. "Continuous mprovement in the quality of services and innovation must always be present in our daily work, and this is what we have been doing since 1992, which is why we are the leading property management company in our area".

Rafael Mena

Social Graduate and Administrator member of the Iltre. Colegio de Administradores de Fincas de Málaga, with extensive training in Horizontal Property, is responsible for the operation of the office. "The trust that our clients place in us must be reciprocated with responsible and transparent management. At AMMEX we spare no effort to offer a well done job".

Ana Belén Muñoz

Property Administrator and Quality Manager
Graduated from the University of Social and Business Studies of the City of Malaga, Technician in Business Administration, and responsible for Quality after AMMEX obtained the AENOR certification, she coordinates the internal management of the operation of the firm, and personally manages a number of communities under her responsibility. "Personalised attention and effective problem solving are the watchwords of our firm. We could not maintain our leadership without satisfied clients".

Ildefonso Ortega

Lawyer-Administrator: Head of legal department
Lawyer of the Honourable Bar Association of Malaga, Graduate in Geography and Master's Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management. My experience includes internships at the Justice Delegation of Malaga and assistance as a lawyer in the Legal Guidance Service of the Malaga Bar Association, in the Criminal Courts in Marbella. I have judicial experience in the following areas of law: Horizontal Property Law, Obligations and Contracts, Family Law, Criminal Law, Labour Law and Administrative Law. "There is no problem without a solution. The only thing that is required is interest, study and monitoring of the problem, to try to offer the client the solution that best suits their particular circumstances in harmony with the reality of the facts".

Juan Antonio Gómez

Responsible for the economic and accounting department.
With a degree in Business Studies, he is in charge of preparing the economic-financial information of the communities managed by the firm, and of resolving any incidents that may arise in the communities under his responsibility. "Our purpose is to make the owners participants of the different circumstances that occur in their ommunity, through reliable and accessible information with a transparent management".

Elena Azurza

Estepona Office Manager
Owners place their trust in us to look after one of their most important assets, their home. A client's property is their biggest investment and that is why our Estepona office takes great care of the maintenance of their roperty. One of our most important services is to provide our clients with all the necessary formalities with the Town Hall, supply offices, lawyers, etc.

Vanessa Rocies

Community Management
In order to maintain a healthy community it is essential that its debts are up to date. Reminders are sent to the owners with the outstanding dues, facilitating the way to pay them. Another of my functions is to monitor the satisfaction of the clients in the communities.

Antonia Infantes

Technical Manager
The multidisciplinary service is a differentiating and exclusive fact provided by AMMEX, which facilitates the proper maintenance and conservation of the common elements of the Communities.

Cristina Gavira

Accounting department. Payment control
Administration Technician, she is esponsible for the accounting and ayment management of the communities, receives invoices from suppliers and manages them for payment. "The quick and efficient esolution of any problems that may arise in the operation of a common element is our goal, which we try to achieve every day by providing ersonalised attention to our clients, whom we try to attend to in their own language".

Carmen del Rio

Customer Service
Personalised service "in situ" is essential to get to know the community first hand. Our company directly supervises the maintenance of the communities and we attend to our clients in their own language, thus facilitating the relationship between the community owner and the administration.

Encarna Mena

Management - Maintenance
Administrative, with extensive experience in repairs and maintenance. She manages directly and personally all the incidents that arise in the group of communities assigned to her. "Active listening to the problems of our clients allows us to take the necessary steps to solve the problems in a more efficient way".

Isabel Garcia

Customer Service and Repairs
Administrative, responsible for the management of incidents and for controlling the contracted services of the communities for which she is the manager. "To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we apply rocedures that try to solve potential problems even before they arise. Preventive maintenance is carried out by contracting external services to control breakdowns and adjust mechanisms".


Quality Policy

AMMEX wishes to make clear the Company’s policy of orienting its management and work system to the full satisfaction of the Client in the field of Property Management on the Western Costa del Sol.

By Client we mean any user of our products, processes, services or attitudes, both externally and internally to the Company. Those of us who form part of the company are both suppliers and clients of services, so we must satisfy the needs and expectations of our users, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.The basic guidelines of the Corporate Policy, which must govern our actions, are summarised in the principles and objectives set out below:

Customers are the reason of our work. We must achieve their full satisfaction through our capacity for
Quality Assurance.

A job well done, at the first time, must be the objective of a permanent attitude. A job well done is a job
that meets the expectations of its Client.

Error prevention will take priority over efforts to control errors.

Quality improvement must be approached and followed up in a planned and systematic way. This planning and monitoring must be based on objective data and continuously fed back. This applies to all areas of our organisation.
In order to achieve the highest levels of Quality, a collaborative attitude and teamwork are essential.
An individualistic attitude, oblivious to the needs of others, has no place in this system or in AMMEX.

Improving quality is everyone’s responsibility. Let us not rely on others to control us or to act as a filter
for poor work.

Great attention should be paid to training and education as a necessary tool for the job. It should be permanent, planned and oriented towards customer satisfaction.

Communication is everyone’s job. Adequate communication is essential in order to make progress in quality improvement.

Quality improvement is a continuous process. It is necessary to acquire the habit of permanent improvement, creating a high awareness of quality, establishing annual quality objectives, we set ourselves the level of our improvements.

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